Red Meat and Poultry Disappearance in 2016 To Be 214.8 Pounds per Person

Disappearance, as depicted in the figure below, is the quantity of red meat and poultry that is used in domestic markets. Per capita disappearance is calculated by subtracting net exports and stocks changes from production and then dividing this result by the U.S. population. In 2016, per capita disappearance of red meats and poultry on a retail basis is projected to be 214.8 pounds per person. Poultry accounts for by far the largest share...


OLIVE OIL – Production of olive oil in Spain was at a normal level this August; year-to-date production is strong. A rainy fall season could solidify this positive trend. Production outside of Spain appears to be mediocre. Many Italian olive groves are suffering from a proliferation of fruit flies and pathogens. The Hellenic Association of Industries & Packers of Olive Oil stated that Greek production would be down as well, due to fruit flies and adverse weather conditions. Tunisia is following the same pattern, while Turkish producers remain optimistic. Carryover stock from last year should help to stabilize prices....

Increased U.S. Apple Production To Coincide With A Smaller Pear Crop This Fall

In August, USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) released the initial forecast for the 2016 U.S. apple crop at 10.4 billion pounds, up 4 percent from the previous year and the fourth largest since 2000, if realized. This increase signals above-average supplies will be moving to markets during the 2016/17 marketing season, likely putting downward pressure on U.S. apple prices. NASS reported forecast declines in the top 3 States will push U.S. pear production in 2016 down 5 percent from a year ago to 1.56 billion pounds, potentially the lowest in over two decades. ...

Brain-damaging toxin closes Down East shellfish industry

A bloom of toxic algae closed a third of Maine's coastline to shellfish harvesting. The state banned harvesting mussels, clams, oysters and carnivorous snails after mussels and clams showed domoic acid levels of up to 100 parts per million, five times the level considered safe for human consumption...

Citrus Commission acts to save threatened grapefruit

The Florida Citrus Commission approved an emergency measure that would salvage grapefruit blown off the trees by Hurricane Matthew. The new rule would allow processors to use grapefruit with a ratio of sugar solids to acid of no less than seven to one, effective through Jan. 4. The existing rule required a slightly higher ratio of eight to one, which could take weeks more of maturing on the tree to achieve...

Climate change means more flooding for Iowa, scientists say
Iowa farmers can expect to see more extreme weather caused by climate change, according to a group of climate scientists. Iowa growers needed to adopt conservation and farming practices that can help reduce greenhouse gases, including shifting to marginal croplands to perennial vegetation in land set-aside programs...

Wild bees are least abundant where they're most needed, study says
The growing almond industry in California is leading to a shortage of bees necessary for pollination, according to a study in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The imbalance between wild bee populations and demand for pollination is steepest in areas being used for single-crop cultivation...

China Will Resume Limited Imports of U.S. Beef After a Ban Long Seen as Political
China will accept U.S. beef imports again, reversing a ban instituted after an outbreak of mad cow disease in 2003. Chinese officials will still limit U.S. beef imports, only allowing in cattle younger than 30 months. USDA estimates this year's Chinese imports of beef and veal will be double that of 2013...

Red River Valley potato weather woes continue
Rainy weather is causing issues for Red River Valley potato growers. Growers in North Dakota and Minnesota expected large losses due to poor weather, and recent rains delayed the start of the season for many growers. As of Sept. 21, only three of the region's 12 plants were shipping, according to the North Plains Potato Growers Association...

Poor August for Gulf of Mexico Shrimp Landings

Shrimp landings for the Gulf of Mexico in August were 14.2 million-lbs., the lowest reported for August since 2010, according to the Southern Shrimp Alliance. The 6.4 million-lbs. of shrimp landed in Texas marked the lowest catch since 2008. Approximately 56.1 million-lbs. of shrimp were landed in the Gulf of Mexico for the year, about 24% below the fourteen-year historical average....

Worst-case citrus scenarios explored

Florida orange production could sink by another two-thirds in the next 10 years if solutions for citrus greening don't arise, according to researchers from the Florida Department of Citrus and University of Florida. Florida growers would harvest 27.3 million boxes of oranges in the 2026-2027 season if no solutions are found, compared to 81.6 million orange boxes harvested in 2015-2016 season...

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