What Is Driving 2019 Supply Growth of Red Meats, Poultry, Eggs, and Milk?

In the context of the World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates, domestic supply is comprised of three components: production, beginning stocks, and imports. U.S. supply of red meats, poultry, eggs, and milk is forecast to grow in 2019 as follows...

Falling Exports More Than Offset Production Declines to Raise Per Capita Availability

Domestic availability of vegetables grew slightly in 2017, due primarily to a steep decrease in exports. Per capita availability of fresh vegetables in the United States climbed to 188 pounds; up about 1 pound from 2016 levels...

Larger Crops Forecast for Major Non-citrus Fruit and Tree Nuts in 2018

Despite some weather issues, nearly steady to moderately increased production levels are forecast for U.S. apples, pears, grapes, and peaches in 2018 relative to a year ago, likely putting downward pressure on grower prices. Sweet cherry output is expected to decline, but gains are anticipated for tart cherry, strawberry, and cranberry output. ...


The food index rose 0.1 percent in August as the index for food away from home rose 0.2 percent and the food at home index was unchanged. The major grocery store food groups generally posted small changes in August. The fruits and vegetables index was the only one to decline, falling 0.3 percent as the index for fresh fruits declined 1.4 percent.

Hurricane Florence caused more than $1.1 billion in damage to crops and livestock in North Carolina

Initial estimates for crop damage and livestock losses to North Carolina’s agriculture industry are expected to be over $1.1 billion, based on assessments following Hurricane Florence. That number easily tops the $400 million seen following Hurricane Matthew in 2016...

Lettuce market strengthens, ending long market decline

Several different factors combined in late September to give the iceberg lettuce market an upward spike — a boost very much welcomed by grower-shippers who have been wallowing in low markets for months on end...

Cargill CEO Sees Risk to U.S. Farmers as China Shuns Soybeans

A long-term dispute could shift perception of the U.S. as a reliable trade partner and prompt China, the world’s largest importer of soybeans and the biggest buyer from the U.S, to turn to other sources of protein to feed its chickens, pork and other livestock, Chief Executive Officer David MacLennan said. That could squeeze U.S. growers out of the industry...

Carolinas farms could take billions in losses from Florence
Hurricane Florence is testing the resolve of farmers in the Carolinas, who could face billions of dollars in agricultural damage while still feeling the sting from Hurricane Matthew almost two years ago. After last weekend's high winds and rain that was measured in feet, followed by this week's rising rivers and standing water in fields, early farm reports are confirming pre-storm worries about losses to tobacco, cotton and corn crops. North Carolina industry leaders remain anxious about whether sweet potatoes and peanuts — grown beneath the soil and susceptible to flooding — will suffer greatly as well.

Iowa farming's $2.2 billion trade loss could ripple through state's economy
Iowa farmers could lose up to $2.2 billion from the U.S.'s trade wars, a new study shows, and those losses would ripple through the economy, hitting state tax receipts, jobs and industries such as manufacturing. A new Iowa State University report digs into the impact of tariffs on Iowa ag exports, showing a few winners, but mostly losers, from the escalating trade disputes with China, Canada and other countries. Here are some of the projected impacts:...

As aid checks go out, farmers worry bailout won’t be enough
Farmers across the United States will soon begin receiving government checks as part of a billion-dollar bailout to buoy growers experiencing financial strain from President Donald Trump's trade disputes with China.But even those poised for big payouts worry it won't be enough....

Valley raisin growers could get highest price in industry history

With dwindling acreage and intense competition from other crops, Fresno County raisin farmers are negotiating what could be the highest price ever for their crop. The Raisin Bargaining Association, a Fresno-based grower group, is offering $2,250 a ton for the 2018 crop. That’s a 25 percent increase over the previous year. So far, four of the industry’s 12 packers have agreed to the record price....

Fish Factor: Commerce Department advocating to boost aquaculture

Offshore fish farms could soon dot the sea scape along with those oil and gas platforms being proposed for U.S. waters by President Donald Trump’s administration. The fish farms, which would be installed from three to 200 miles out, are being touted as a way to boost seafood production, provide jobs and reduce the nation’s $16 billion trade deficit due to America’s importing nearly 90 percent of its seafood favorites. The U.S. Commerce Department is holding meetings around the country through November to talk about its strategic plan for getting aquaculture off the ground. At a recent session in Juneau, NOAA Director Chris Oliver said that wild harvests simply can’t keep up with global demand. “Aquaculture is going to be where the major increases in seafood production occur whether it happens in foreign countries or in U.S. waters,” Oliver said....

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