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2020 Production of Most Animal Proteins Forecast To Increase

Production for most animal proteins is expected to increase in 2020, compared to production levels of 2019. Among the factors driving higher production are producer responses to forecasts of continued- positive U.S. economic conditions, including improved producer returns. Beef production is expected to increase next year by almost 1 percent. The anticipated U.S. pork production increase of about...

Copper River harvest hits 429,630 fish and rising

Entrée prices for Copper River salmon were holding steady at fine dining restaurants in Anchorage like Jens, where a fresh grilled Copper River king fillet cost $50, and at Orso, with Copper River king fillets for $48.95 and Copper River red fillets were $38.95. Retail prices were also holding steady in seafood shops. Copper River sockeye fillets were $21.95 a pound at 10 & M, $46.95 a pound at FishEx, and $41.99 a pound at New Sagaya. Copper River king fillet prices were holding at $59.95 a pound at 10th & M and $86.95 a pound at FishEx.

USDA reported a shortage of trucks for produce shipments

For produce shipments in Floridafor the week ending June 4. Additionally, trucking shortages were reported in Nogales, AZ; California; North Carolina and south Texas. Specifically, truck rates in Nogales jumped 24% to $6,800 per truckload in the reporting period

2018 heat reduces volume of 2019 avocado crop

Fruit sizes and prices look good for California avocados, but an intense heat wave last July took a steep toll on crop volumes. "My objective, pretty consistently every year, is to be finished by the Fourth of July," Fallbrook grower and grove manager Charley Wolk said. "Except for one grove, I'm finished now. That gives you some idea of how much smaller that crop is." Early estimates put the 2019 harvest at 175 million pounds, said Jan DeLyser, vice president of marketing for the California Avocado Commission in Irvine. That's down considerably from 337.8 million pounds in the 2017-18 crop year.

More than 1,000-sq. miles in Southern California are in a Huanglongbing quarantine area/a>

California residents are being urged to avoid transporting citrus fruit during the upcoming summer travel season due to the highest-ever threat of a deadly citrus tree disease called Huanglongbing (HLB)....

Simplot CEO says trade war with China hurts the Boise agribusiness and U.S. farmers

The ongoing trade battle between the United States and China threatens the stability of American farms and threatens Idaho’s leading agricultural business, the CEO of the J.R. Simplot Co. says.Garrett Lofto, 50, who became the Boise agribusiness’s top executive a year ago, told a Boise audience that rising tariffs jeopardize longstanding relationships and could drive customers away.

Lobstermen at state hearing wary of regulations to protect whales

In private conversations, local fishermen all tell David Horner, a longtime Southwest Harbor lobsterman, the same thing: they’d be willing to fish fewer traps to get the whale advocates off their backs, but not if their sacrifices are going to be exploited by other fishermen....

Kansas growers planted 26% of soybeans as of June 2, behind the 53% average
Kansas growers planted 26% of soybeans as of June 2, behind the 53% average usually seeded by now, according to USDA's weekly crop progress report. Corn planting is going slower than usual with 79% seeded, compared to the 93% average for this time, while 8% of the state's sorghum crop was planted, behind the 26% average.

California strawberry growers shipped approximately 87.7 million flats
California strawberry growers shipped approximately 87.7 million flats through June 2, an 8.2% decrease from the year- ago period, according to the California Strawberry Commission. The highest recorded daily production during the one week period was May 27, with a total of about 1.5 million flats...

Mexican avocado growers expect US consumers to bear tariffs
The potential Trump tariffs would hit U.S. avocado lovers more than Mexican producers, Bautista said. Demand north of the border for Mexican avocados has proven very static: even when prices expand four-fold during the year, the fruit is still scooped up by U.S. devotees of avocado toast and guacamole...

Central Texas peaches appear to be in abundant supply

Central Texas peaches appear to be in abundant supply despite the crop enduring early and late freezes, heavy rain and strong spring winds. Most of the Hill Country fruit is ripening, with some later-season varieties, such as lorings, dixilands and red globes, forecast to be plentiful...

Washington state mushroom farm to close, lay off 239 workers

Ostrom's Mushroom Farm in Olympia, WA, will close, laying off 239 employees. The state Employment Security Department said the layoffs will be permanent...

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