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Most Animal Protein Exports Year-Over-Year Higher in 2018

2018 exports of beef, pork, broilers, and milk were strong in 2018, driven by domestic production increases and favorable foreign demand. U.S. beef exports increased 10.3 percent last year, pork exports increased 4.2 percent, and broiler exports were 4.1 percent higher than in 2017. Although milk production increases were modest last year (+0.9 percent over 2017), strong foreign demand led to a 9.5-percent increase in dairy product exports.

Mexican officials are urging "mirror measures" on U.S. farm imports

of products such as yellow corn and poultry, in an effort to counter subsidized imports from the U.S. The government is working on an updated list of products imported from the U.S. on which to possibly apply a second round of tariffs in response to U.S. measures imposed on Mexican steel and aluminum. The list will be set by the end of April if the steel and aluminum tariffs are not withdrawn...

Farmer Sentiment Weakens Amid Increasing Marketing Risk Concerns

n February, according to Purdue University's Ag Economy Barometer. Half of respondents said they either have no plans for their operation to grow in size or they plan to reduce its size, while farmers' attitudes' towards making investments in machinery and buildings has deteriorated. Farmers became a bit more optimistic about the future of agricultural exports, though they remain concerned about marketing and price risk in agricultural markets...


The index for food away from home rose 0.4 percent in February following a 0.3-percent increase the prior month. The index for limited service meals rose 0.5 percent, while the index for full service meals increased 0.3 percent.

Researchers: Biofuels mandate may cause more harm than good with plowed-up land

About 1.6 million acres of grass and wetlands nationally were converted to grow crops because of a federal ethanol mandate that inflated the prices of corn and soybeans, according to a National Wildlife Federation study. The mandate is responsible for adding about 300,000 tons of nitrogen fertilizer a year that has been draining into waterways and destroyed crucial habitat for monarch butterflies, researchers found...

NOAA will review if new fishing restrictions are needed to help prevent the extinction of whales

NOAA will review if new fishing restrictions are needed to help prevent the extinction of whales that frequent Puget Sound. The agency informed the Pacific Fishery Management Council that it is examining whether new restrictions are needed, particularly on fisheries in the Lower Columbia and Sacramento River and on fall-run chinook salmon in the Klamath River...

Citrus and berry harvest to be affected by California rains

California's citrus and berry harvest could be heavily impacted by a three-day storm that began March 5, according to Weathermelon. Farmers in the San Joaquin Valley expect between two and 2.5 inches of rain through March 7, while the Oxnard and Santa Maria regions expect between 1.5 and three inches...

California strawberry growers shipped approximately 15 million flats through March 4
A 15.7% decrease from the year-ago period, according to the California Strawberry Commission. The highest recorded daily production between Feb. 25 and March 4 was March 4, with a total of about 189,000 flats.

Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) spreads more aggressively in pigs than previously believed
according to a USDA study published in Scientific Reports. The study found pigs infected with the FMD virus were highly contagious to other pigs just 24 hours after infection and before showing clinical signs of the disease...

U.S. soybean farmers fear Chinese demand for the product won't return
as tariff issues abate and Chinese consumers increase their consumption of canola meal and sunflower seed meal. Additionally, U.S. analysts argue Brazil and other exporters could permanently garner market share....

Minnesota dairy farmers are being forced to dump their milk

after heavy snowfall obstructed roads and damaged farms. Minnesota Milk Producers Association reported over 1,000 dairies had to get rid of milk due to the inability to have it delivered. In addition, the buildup of snowfall in the upper Midwest in February is causing some farm structures to buckle....

Avocado producers in California and Mexico are expected to ship about 52.1 million-lbs.

Avocado producers in California and Mexico are expected to ship about 52.1 million-lbs. the week of March 10, according to the Hass Avocado Board. The board reported about 56.3 million-lbs. shipped the week of March 3.....

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